2022: Panic Fest, Best of Fest, Short Film — "The Rotting of Casey Culpepper," (As Assistant Editor / Conform Artist)

2021: Fantastic Fest, Official Selection — "Uncle," Short Film (As Editor)

2021: Portland Comedy Film Festival Official Selection — "Operation: White Boy," Short Film (As Editor)

2020: American Black FIlm Festival Jury Winner Best Web Series — "Loving In America," Web Series (As Editor)

2020: Tribeca Official Selection — "Loving In America," Web Series (As Editor)

2020: Webby Award winner for Best True Crime Series — "Chasing Cosby," Podcast Series (As Editor)

2020: Nominated for two Webby Awards in two categories, Social Sports and Video & Live Experiences — Adidas "Boston Marathon," Social Content (As Director)

2019: jellyFest Selection, Lift Off Amsterdam Official Selection — "Three Over Ten," Documentary (As Director & Editor)

2018: Winner of a Silver Pencil, Mobile First, One Show — Geico "Disclaimer," Ad Campaign (As Director)


Outliars • Pilot
Director: Maia Henkin
Producers: Sonja O'Hara

Selfie, Unreleased  • Game Show, Pilot
Producer: Unicorns & Unicorns

Art Broken, • Web Series, Comedy
Director: Erin G. Wesley
Producer: Bianca Cristovau

The Ricks, Vimeo • Web Series, Comedy
Self Produced

Loving in America, • Web Series, Comedy
Director: Jason Gudasz
Producer: Bianca Cristovau

Life With Chuck, Unreleased • Pilot, Comedy
Directed & Produced by: Russ Randall


School Nights • Short Film
Director: Johnny Killoran
Produced By: The Black List

• Feature, Comedy/Documentary • HBO
Documentary following a well known comedian.
(As Assistant Editor)
(In Post-Production)

Uncle, Premiered at 2021 Fantastic Fest • Short Film, Drama
(As Producer / Editor / Colorist)
Director: Emily Green & Ester Song-Kim
Producers: Emily Green, Ester Song-Kim, Pete Szijarto

Share • Feature, Sci-Fi Thriller
(As Assistant Editor)
Director: Ira Rosensweig

Operation: White Boy • Short Film, Comedy
(As Editor & Colorist)
Director: Kasey Weldon
Producers: Dalia Rooni & Izzy Stevens

SeaFoam • Short Film, Drama
(As Co-Editor)
Director & Produced by: Izzy Stevens

The Rotting of Casey Culpepper • Short Film, Thriller
(As Assistant Editor)
Director: Daniel Slottje
Producers: Daniel Slottje, Evan Fitzpatrick, Esteban Garcia Vernaza, Hannah Swayze

The Combover, Vimeo • Short Film, Comedy

Three Over Ten, Vimeo • Short Film, Documentary

Wages of Sin, Amazon • Short Film, Drama
(As Post-Producer / Editor)
Director: Cyrus Kapaedia
Producer: Shelly Kapaedia


Chasing Cosby, LA Times • Podcast Series, True-Crime
Production: Herzog & Co

Share The Load (Season 1) • Podcast Series, Arts
Production: Mia Schachter

The Boom Show (Season 1) • Podcast Series, Entertainment
Production: Pigs Already Fly
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