30,000 runner stories told through 30,000 custom videos. Shot live. Dynamically generated. Delivered in hours.

This was made possible by a super dynamic reference edit, coding logic, and the video generation platform Idamoo. A reference edit template was designed so multiple storylines could be dynamically generated with text, data points, animation, and video, all seamlessly stitched together within hours of the race finish.

Runners were captured at three strategic checkpoint locations and six b-roll teams captured other highlights. After the race, 72 hours of checkpoint footage from nine cameras was processed to find each runner in the race. We pulled selects from 20+ hours of b-roll from our six camera teams. Once everything was uploaded and processed,  Adidas sent out an email notifying all the runners the site was live and they could download their custom race video using their bib number.


Client: Adidas
Agency: Grow
Directed and Edited by: Director Pete
Music: Last Night Riot
Music Editing & Sound Design: Overcoast
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